We make sending legal notices fast and easy!

As an attorney, you might send hundreds of notices every month. As a store owner or manager, your customers sometimes need to be reminded to pay. What if you could handle this much easier and faster?


Quick and Inexpensive Legal Letters.

We started Send Legal Notices to assist attorneys representing stores operating in the rental and rent-to-own segments. We mail thousands of notices each month to delinquent customers. Our notices are easily customized for each individual store, client, and the attorney sending the notice.

Attorneys: Save Tons of Time and Energy Sending Letters!

If you are active in the rental/rent-to-own segment, or if you send any type of multiple or series notices, we can manage the process for you. What currently takes days to turn around can be completed in minutes. Plus you will have access to a complete customer look up that includes names, contact information, sent notices and customer status.

We provide the ability to update and manage accounts anytime, anywhere with easy options for flagging bad addresses, updating customer records and automating invoicing. We can provide speed, growth and expansion capacity, eliminating costly staff and overhead expenses.

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Owners and Managers: Are Customers Missing Scheduled Payments?

Contacting customers with a letter or professional legal notice at the first missed payment quickly alerts the customer to get back on track and helps to retain business. Follow up letters and status tracking systems alert you to potential defaults.

We build customized document libraries that give you the ability to create, send and manage a series of correspondences efficiently and accurately. Should you need legal assistance to manage your accounts, an attorney is just a click away!

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We handle everything.

  • Easy set up
  • Online or FAX notice requests
  • Multiple letter options
  • Complete customization
  • Print, post and send services
  • Rapid turnaround

Legal Notices that work.

  • Account management tools
  • Customer look-up
  • Account archive
  • Bad address tracking
  • Status reports
  • Invoicing